Critical Communication

Patient Safety, Critical Communication and Patient-Centered Care.

Critical Communication seeks to improve the ways patients, their families and health care providers relate to one another in speech, in writing and in non-verbal behavior.  

Pulse Critical Communication comes from many different sources.

Critical Communication comes from the educators training and research in mediation, active listening, reflective listening, compassionate and empathetic dialogue. 

Why This Course Matters

Poor communication between patients and their health care providers is a hidden health care crisis, Poor communication results in untold suffering and in some cases, death. The solution is simple, We need to empower patients and their advocates to speak up, and to help doctors create shame-free environments where questions are welcomed and answered in plain language.

Following this course, advocates and caregivers can be better prepared for conflict and learn empathetic listening while being supportive.

The course presenters welcome feedback, questions and further discussion to help you become the best advocate or caregiver you can be.

"Thank you so much for the Patient Advocacy Class.

I do not have enough positive adjectives to describe how terrific I thought it was. Interesting, informative and inspirational, are just three that come to mind.

You took a topic that might have been presented in a “cut and dry” manner, and created something memorable. The interactive activities (although I hate to participate) were so useful in giving us a real taste of what advocacy is like.

You are a wealth of information. Your passion shows through. Although Pulse was born from a personal tragedy, you have grown something that helps so many. I’m sure your effect has a ripple effect that effects even more than you know about.

Pulse has armed me with a different way of thinking."

You also provided us with many printed items that we can refer to - which I love (and need.)

Thank you again for everything you do.

I am grateful to have met you and so glad I took the class."

Roberta, November 2019