The Pulse Center for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy program ‘Preparing for Your Doctor’s Visit is approved for 1.0 Ethics CE by the Patient Advocate Certification Board to satisfy the requirements for Board Certified Patient Advocates. Program Approval Code through 6/26/2024.

Melissa Hakim, MD, BCPA

As a physician, Melissa understands the problems with our medical system. Melissa’s sensitivity to the frustration patients experience while trying to get the proper treatment and heal include her own experience guiding her father through a lengthy health crisis. 

To address these concerns, Melissa created Hakim Health Partners (HHP), a health and wellness advisory practice designed to strengthen the doctor/patient relationship by providing medical support they can trust. People need someone who knows how the medical system works, and who works only for the patient.

Melissa graduated from The Mount Sinai School of Medicine with an MD in 1992 and completed her internship and residency training at St. Vincent’s Hospital in NYC and The Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC. 

 “Your health is not a “one size fits all” situation. Everyone deserves help finding the most appropriate treatment path. Being able to use my medical education in a was that gives my clients knowledge and a sense of peace is deeply rewarding.

Melissa Hakim, MD,BCPA

About This Program

Preparing for your visit to the doctor’s office can lead to better communication and understanding of your health issues between you and your doctor. Dr. Melissa Hakim has been teaching patients and families how to set goals, prepare questions and get the most from every visit with their doctor. Her helpful insights and practical advice will give you the skills & confidence to make sure you receive the care and answers you deserve!

Attendees will be able to...

1. Recall strategies to prepare for a doctor’s visit

2. Identify & define patient goals for the doctor’s visit

3. Compose a list of questions for each medical visit

4. Create a record of important issues discussed

5. Explain how to use the ‘teach-back’ method to assess patients’ comprehension of complex medical information

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