Pulse webinar “Patient Advocacy to Mitigate Unequal Treatment” is approved for 1.0 Ethics CE by the Patient Advocate Certification Board to satisfy the requirements for Board Certified Patient Advocates (BCPA).

Through July 24, 2024

Cathy Bond, BCPA

With more than 20 years of personal advocacy experience with family & friends, Cathy founded a professional advocacy agency, A Listening Ear, LLC, to formalize her commitment to helping underserved, minority communities in her suburban Atlanta community navigate the healthcare system effectively and ensure better health outcomes. As a natural educator, Cathy embraced her role as a Board Certified patient Advocate with empathy, understanding and a fearless determination to confront and address bias, indifference and poor quality within the healthcare delivery system for her clients. To promote her wellness philosophy, Cathy founded the “See Beyond” podcast to inspire listeners to embrace and support their personal journey & growth.

Concerned with the devastating harm caused by medical errors and misdiagnosis, Cathy joined Pulse Center for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy and helped develop the TakeCHARGE Campaign & serves on the ACES (Advocates Collaborative Educational Series) Leadership Team, two national Pulse Center programs promoting patient safety education and advocacy. 

Leslie Farrington, MD

Dr. Farrington is a retired physician with over 30 years of expertise in Obstetrics/Gynecology in NY. She received her MD degree from Howard University College of Medicine in 1984 and completed her OB/GYN residency at Long Island Jewish Medical Center. 


Growing up in an interracial family with community activist parents made her a valuable asset to colleagues, trainees, and patients. In 2009, Leslie joined the Board of Pulse Center for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy (CPSEA) to educate the public about the patient and family’s role in reducing preventable medical errors.

Leslie’s concern for the stark racial disparities in maternal mortality rates became a call to action. As a Black physician and patient safety activist, Leslie recognized the magnitude of preventable harm experienced by the Black community due to racism in medicine and society. Leslie began a community-based effort to identify techniques and tools that expectant mothers (and their families and supporters) could use to obtain person centered care with dignity. Leslie is proud to be a part of the development of the ACTT for Safe Motherhood Curriculum and is dedicated to promoting health advocacy & holistic support of birthing families in Black Communities nationwide.

About This Program

Racism and racial bias have created inequities within the US healthcare system. Black and Indigenous communities receive unequal treatment and experience significantly worse health outcomes, including harm, injury and death, at an alarming rate that demands immediate action. After describing the history of racism in health care and failed efforts to address discrimination, the presenters will provide current examples of microaggressions, disrespect, mistreatment and harm caused by racial discrimination. To ensure a meaningful impact, our presenters will share helpful tips, guidance and strategies to address, confront & respond to racial discrimination by health care providers.  

Topics Covered

  1. Define racism and its origins 
  2. Persistence of racism in medicine
  3. The Impact of racism on the health of African Americans
  4. Recognize racial bias in medical encounters
  5. Support efforts/initiatives to increase diversity in the Patient Advocate workforce
  6. Describe examples of microaggressions, disrespect, mistreatment & harm
  7. Explore strategies to address, confront & respond to racial discrimination

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